Friday, May 1, 2015


Pinterest is a great tool that is being used in the classroom today. Teachers can find anything from detailed lesson plans to free worksheets and tips and tricks for the classroom. Also ways to set up the classroom. Teachers are using Pinterest for their students use too, as a way for students to book mark multiple webpages for research assignments. There is so many ideas on here you can find so many examples of anything that you might need it for.

With all the neat stuff you can do on pinterest I created this  opinion writing assignment from pins found on Pinterest. 

There is a link to my Project Base Learning assignment and rubric:

The first step in the assignment it to get a piece of candy.

Next, we created a web chart about our favorite candy.

Then, we wrote a 1/2 to 1- page paper of why it is our favorite kind of candy.

Finally, we shared with the class our favorite candy.

I learned from this project it is hard than what you think to be able to describe 
your favorite candy but it was a fun lesson to do and makes you think about things you normally
 don't think about as your eating it in this case.

Friday, April 10, 2015

Web 2.0 Tools for My Classroom

Web 2.0 Tools for My Classroom

Mandi Jackson
EDU 2043: Educational Technology
April 10,2015

     For an assignment in my Educational Technology class with Dr. Benton, I was challenged to find ten Web 2.0 Tools that I can use in my future classroom. I have accepted Dr. Benton's challenged and have posted a brief synopsis of the tool with a link to that tools website and the reason that I would use the tool in my classroom. Perhaps you may want to use them in your classroom fellow and future teachers.

            Storybird lets you make visual stories. Help you make your own stories from all ages.It helps your story come to life. This tool would help by making story time come to life. Also they could make up their own story using this tool.

         Visuwords is like a dictionary it helps you find the meaning to a word. So if you don't know the meaning you can just go to this website. It will tell you what it means. I would use this tool in the classroom like when a student didn't know what the word meant.Then I would  get on here and show them on this website.

Kidblog allows students to post and participate in a discussions.This blog would be secure within the classroom.I would maintain complete control over the blogs. I would use this tool to figure out how they are doing on an assignment. I also could use this tool to see if there is any problems in the classroom.

          Kidopo is to help improve basic skills. It helps reading,math,drawing, and etc.Help kids use other source of education. I would use this tool to help students understand more to the lesson. There is all kinds of different games to help them understand.   

Game Classroom is a web destination to help the kids. It helps with educational games and homework for K-6 students.It also can be useful for parents as they have worksheets to help with their children's homework. How I would use this tool is to help the students understand the lesson more in detail. So they can have extra help throughout the year.

WebMath  is math-help website.It helps by giving extra math help to students of all ages. Also helps shows them how to get to the right answer. I would use this tool by telling the parents about this if their child needs extra help in math. I know not everyone gets math like that,because I know math isn't my best subject.

Studyladder helps you with 10 different subjects. It gives you the same sources as teachers. Instant help with hints and clues when needed. I would use this tool as a classroom activity as needed. Also I would give parents the website so they could use this tool too.

Word Magnets has interaction games for math,phonics, and other activities. It also has resources for teachers. It helps with themes too. I would use this to help get worksheets,bulletin board ideas and other sources. I will also use this for the students to help them get better at that subject.

Museum Box  it helps build up the event your talking about. You can use a virtual box. You can turn a text file to a movie. I would use this tool to help bring history to life for them. If I can make history come to life then they would be more interested. 

Scratch  helps with stories,reading,games, and other items. It helps them have creative ideas. It also lets you share your ideas with others. I would use this tool  to help them with stories and reading. I would also show them other peoples ideas.

Monday, April 6, 2015

In Angela Barnes and Christine Laird blog, The Effects of Social Media on Children , they believe these are the aspects 

Five aspects of the use of social media:

  • not many restrictions on creatively expressing oneself
  • easy way to share information
  • informal support of other’s work
  • general understanding and respect of other people’s forms of expression
  • an alternative way of socializing (Chau, 2010)

 On Singyin Lee's blog, 5 Effects Social Networks Have On You , he states there is 5 effects social networking.

  • Parents who connect with their parents on social media have a a better connection with them even offline.
  • If you love yourself then you love social networking.
  • Then you have the harmful side of social media where it says you are more prone to depression,lower grades,psychological disorders,and future health problems.
  • A quick 5 minute check of Facebook can boost self-esteem of others.
  • Social Media could get you mixed up with the wrong people.

Social Media has had a big effective impact on my life. Since I grew up when Social networking was a big hit from Facebook,Twitter,Instagram, and My Space. Even when I had to do a research paper instead of  checking a book out of the library, I got on the internet and google it and found information on my topic. Social media is a good think I can keep up with my family that lives out of state on Facebook and Instagram, because I hardly get to see them other wise.

Friday, April 3, 2015

If you asked my friends one way to describe me they would say,"Church Girl." My dad is a deacon and a youth pastor at the church. My mom is Sunday School teacher, so all my life I wasn't asked are you going to church but what are you wearing to church? I have lived in Hot Springs all my life. When I'm not working at Belk or at school,you will find me at church on Sunday mornings,Sunday evenings, and Wednesday nights. I have been helping with Church Camp for the past 3 years. Also I help in Vacation Bible School since I was about 13 years old. My family consists of my parents and 2 brothers. My parents have been married for almost 29 years. My brother,Corey also attends Henderson State University and loves technology. My youngest brother,Sean is a 8th grader at Mountain Pine High School.He loves playing sports and being outside in general.

I love going shopping during my free time. Here at Henderson State University, I am a student studying Elementary Education.Why I decided to become a teacher was I love working with children and their compassion for learning.

I am starting this blog for my Educational Technology class with Dr.Benton at school. As you read my blog, I will tell stories that have happened in my life.