Friday, May 1, 2015


Pinterest is a great tool that is being used in the classroom today. Teachers can find anything from detailed lesson plans to free worksheets and tips and tricks for the classroom. Also ways to set up the classroom. Teachers are using Pinterest for their students use too, as a way for students to book mark multiple webpages for research assignments. There is so many ideas on here you can find so many examples of anything that you might need it for.

With all the neat stuff you can do on pinterest I created this  opinion writing assignment from pins found on Pinterest. 

There is a link to my Project Base Learning assignment and rubric:

The first step in the assignment it to get a piece of candy.

Next, we created a web chart about our favorite candy.

Then, we wrote a 1/2 to 1- page paper of why it is our favorite kind of candy.

Finally, we shared with the class our favorite candy.

I learned from this project it is hard than what you think to be able to describe 
your favorite candy but it was a fun lesson to do and makes you think about things you normally
 don't think about as your eating it in this case.

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